Sunday, February 19, 2012

Most Valuable Tool for the Techie Mom

Today's review is for's iPad / iPhone app.

I featured this in the Un-Valentines Day post, but wanted do full justice to this essential app for everyday life as a family who likes to eat well but can no longer afford to eat out every night (a.k.a. baby needs a college fund).

Only recently did I commit myself to cooking almost every night of the week, quite a feat for someone who hasn't cooked regularly since, um, ever. My family will fully testify to the horrors of under-cooked poultry and seasoning disasters which were trademark of my cooking "style". And in the traditional ways of generational ethnic cuisine, there is no roadmap, no recipe and no measurements which could ever teach you to replicate the mouthwatering goodness of mom's home cooked meal.

Enter Food Network,, Epicurious, etc. And thus my salvation from endless weeks of takeout from Shanghai Noodle House, Efe's, and Ruby Tuesdays. (Much to my hubby's dismay.) I discovered online recipes and videos and the draw of new sensory experiences.

Formerly, I would have printed recipes and taped them to my cupboards. I probably should have taped them to my forehead, that was how much I referred to them. Cooking also required shopping, it seemed, so I went to ShopRite with little scraps of paper. Only to realize that I had bought cumin but forgot the toilet paper. Only to go back the next day for the next recipe's ingredients.

This whole process can only go on until you eventually give up and happily go back to tipping the waitress at __the restaurant of your choice___. Until you discover Pepperplate. features:

- The ability to import a recipe from any number of online recipe sites including Food Network,, Epicurious, and many others

- You can customize the recipes by adding notes, changing quantities if you want.
- Display the recipe while you're cooking without the screen automatically shutting off.

- Create menus and plan your week's (or month's!) meals.

- Create a shopping list from your recipes which synchronizes with your iPhone

- Automatically synchronizes your online account with your iPad and iPhone and vice versa

On a scale of 1 to awesome, I would say it was one step away from awesome. Full awesomeness could be realized by granting my wishlist below.

- Add a Pantry feature, so you can see what you already have at home (instead of buying a third jar of dry basil).
- Add the ability to divide the shopping list between different stores (veggies come from the asian food store, large amounts of anything from Costco, specialty ingredients from Whole Foods or Wegmans).

But again, all things considered, one step away from awesome.

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  1. HAHA im glad you like this! i actually met this founders behind the app at a food conference. at the time, i had no ipad nor an iphone so i could not comprehend the awesomeness they were trying to soak into me.